Can an Electric Car Have a Manual Transmission?

Can an Electric Car Have a Manual Transmission

Electric vehicles do not require a clutch or gear. They are incredibly power-efficient and can reach maximum torque in a matter of seconds. Gasoline-powered cars require multiple gears to adjust power and torque for controlling speed and acceleration. This begs the question: can electric cars have manual transmission? Let’s find out. Electric Vehicles with Manual … Read more >>

Can You Tow a Caravan with an Electric Car?

Can Electric Cars Tow a Caravan

Electric cars are getting increasingly powerful thanks to advancements in motor and battery systems. Their increased carrying capacity lets you haul more luggage and groceries. However, should we expect these cars to haul an incredible amount of weight? More specifically, can electric cars tow a caravan? The smallest caravan weighs up to 750 kg. The … Read more >>

Are Electric Car Companies a Good Investment?

Are Electric Car Companies a Good Investment

Electric car makers have earned plaudits for their successful pivot from obscurity to mainstream acceptance. And TESLA stock has seen a massive spike as a result. This trend is true for just about every public EV maker out there. But after several setbacks, such as supply chain problems, many investors are beginning to worry. Are … Read more >>

Are Electric Cars Bad for Your Health [Useful Information]

Are Electric Cars Bad for Your Health

Electric cars, like most human inventions, have their advantages and disadvantages. A major concern with EVs is their impact on our health. It is common for people to rally against new technology at first. And there’s nothing wrong with skepticism as long as it is grounded in reality. Some groups erroneously claim that EVs cause … Read more >>

Is Electric Car Insurance Cheaper?

Is Electric Car Insurance Cheaper

Motorists are switching to EVs because they are environmentally friendly in terms of fuel. Although buying electric cars has several benefits, you might want to consider a few things. For one, insurance premiums for electric cars are a bit higher than for gasoline-powered cars. But if you do your homework, you might find a policy … Read more >>

How Much Does an Electric Car Battery Weigh

How Much Does an Electric Car Battery Weigh

How much does an electric car battery weigh? The average weight range starts at around 400 kg and could go much higher. To say that electric car batteries are heavy is an understatement. Batteries are the main component of electric vehicles. To put things in perspective, your regular gasoline-powered car uses a 20kg battery. Let’s … Read more >>

Which Electric Car Charges the Fastest [10 Best Picks]

Which Electric Car Charges the Fastest

Electric cars are taking over the auto industry. Automakers are adapting to pollution-free automotive technology to produce eco-friendly vehicles. The global hike in fuel prices has forced consumers to consider buying EVs. Currently, there are more electric cars on the market than ever. If you wonder which electric car charges the fastest, we have all … Read more >>

Will Electric Cars Kill the Oil Industry?

Will Electric Cars Kill the Oil Industry

The twenty-first century is often called the information age due to increased digital and technological advances. Technological advances have paved the way for cleaner, efficient, and renewable energy use. The production of electric cars has made great advances in recent years. Will electric cars kill the oil industry? The question remained unanswered for many years. … Read more >>

Where Can I Charge My Electric Car for Free?

Charge an electric car for free

In today’s world of rising gas and diesel prices, anyone who owns an electric car is living the good life. Although buying an electric car can be a costly affair, its low running costs definitely compensate for the high initial buying price. Even if the regional per unit prices of electricity are high in your … Read more >>

Which Electric Car Gets the Best Mileage

Which Electric Car Gets the Best Mileage

Electric cars have become immensely popular over the past few years. The rise in demand is due to various reasons. If we look into the primary factors, automakers manufacture electric vehicles to offer eco-friendly road culture. On the other hand, minimizing the need for fuel is another objective of the automaking industry. If you wonder … Read more >>