Can You Drive An Electric Car Without A License?

drive an electric car without a license

It’s astounding how rapidly electric cars are replacing the traditional ones on the street. Be it modern cities or even small towns. There are high chances of you finding charging stations for EVs in most states across the globe. The primary reason for such fame is that investing in an EV is worth your finance. …

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What Are Electric Car Door Locks and How Do They Work?

What are electric car door locks and how they work

Automated power door locks give the driver the control to lock or unlock one or all the car doors simultaneously by pressing a button or flicking a switch. The locks are aimed to keep the car, driver, and passengers secure. Electric cars are designed to be more technologically advanced than most gas-powered cars. Hence, their …

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How to Fix Electric Car Window Off Track (And More Hacks)

how to fix electric car window off track

The way a window is aligned and its overall mechanism is almost the same in all automatic transport vehicles of today’s times. An electric car window that does not close all the way will allow unpleasant smells, dust, and insects into the car. Moreover, it can also increase the chances of the car being stolen. …

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Electric Car Heating System: How Does an Electric Car Heat the Interior?

How Does an Electric Car Heat the Interior

Electric cars are the transport vehicles of the future. They contribute to reducing global GHG emissions and play a pivotal role in decreasing the dependency on non-renewable energy sources. The internal heating system of an electric car may be the same as a gas-powered car; however, a heater depletes an electric vehicle’s energy reserves quickly. …

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Top 5 All Wheel Drive Electric Cars of 2022

Four-Wheel Drive Electric Cars

With hundreds of companies manufacturing EVs, consumers have the option of purchasing an electric vehicle best suited to their needs. Consumers with bigger families usually go for all-wheel drive big-sized electric SUVs. These EVs have 5 to 7 passenger seats, spacious cabin storage, and large electric batteries to pull the all-wheel EV’s weight. Today, Tesla, …

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Electric Car Without Battery – A Step Towards More Affordable EVs

Electric Vehicle Battery Charging

The advanced mechanisms and futuristic technology of electric vehicles come with an added cost. In general, electric vehicles are far more expensive than regular gas-powered vehicles. The major contributor to the steep purchase price of an electric vehicle is its battery. The battery is designed to be strong enough to pull the weight of a …

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How Much Money Do You Save with a Tesla Electric Car?

how much money do you save with a tesla model 3

Tesla has successfully instigated the global electric automobile revolution ever since its introduction in 2003. Today, Tesla leads the EV market with an impressive 14% market share. The debate regarding whether a Tesla is better than a gas car has been going on for decades. With the world facing a post-pandemic economic crisis, the rising …

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Which States Offer Incentives for Electric Cars in the USA?

Which States Offer Incentives for Electric Cars in the USA

Electric vehicles are much greener and cleaner for the environment than regular gasoline cars. The only emissions caused by electric cars are those that are a result of producing the cars and those that are a result of generating electricity to charge the cars. But tailpipe emissions are zero for all-electric cars. Because of the …

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How Many Watts Does An Electric Car Use?

how many watts does an electric vehicle use

A marvel of modern engineering, electric cars has revolutionized the world of road transport. With millions of electric cars sold every year, this billion-dollar industry is bound to keep booming. The eco-friendly green technology used to design electric cars makes them the vehicle of the future. Since the use of electricity, widespread use of e-cars …

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