How Much do Electric Car Batteries Cost to Replace?

How Much do Electric Car Batteries Cost to Replace

How much do electric car batteries cost to replace? Finding a new battery for your electric car is no easy task. The good news is that they last for a while before requiring a replacement. Keep reading for a detailed breakdown of the expenses associated with electric car batteries. Bloomberg Energy Report of 2020 A …

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Are Electric Cars Good for the Economy [Everything you need to know]

Are Electric Cars Good for the Economy

Electric vehicles have made their way into mainstream popularity thanks to the efforts of Tesla. EVs have a profound positive impact on the environment compared to gasoline-powered cars. This isn’t to say that the market for EVs is perfect – far from it. For one, electric car batteries are not easy to dispose of. Secondly, …

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Why Are Electric Cars so Expensive?

Why Are Electric Cars so Expensive

The rise of digital media has educated common consumers on the consequences of using gasoline-powered automobiles. However, not everyone can switch to an electric vehicle to reduce their carbon footprint, even if they want to. The main reason behind this limited opportunity is an electric car’s high market price. Although the running costs of an …

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Can Any Electric Car Use Tesla Charging Stations

Can a Non-Tesla EV Charge at a Tesla Charging Station

It’s easy to think that you may need a Tesla to use a Tesla charging station. However, this is no longer the case because Tesla charging stations are compatible with non-Teslas. Moreover, Tesla has upgraded the ability of its charging stations for all EVs. A non-Tesla can work with the high-voltage chargers of Tesla charging …

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Are Electric Cars Dangerous – Everything you need to know

Are Electric Cars Dangerous

Every new technological advancement has flaws, and electric cars are no different. This doesn’t mean that electric cars are inherently dangerous. Consumers should educate themselves about the various risks of owning an EV. Electric car manufacturers are equipping their cars with all kinds of safety features. But experts are raising valid concerns about the safety …

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Why are Tesla Electric Cars Good for the Environment?

Why are Tesla Electric Cars Good for the Environment

Tesla electric vehicles are a one-of-a-kind blend of modern automobile design, unmatchable consumer convenience, and unparalleled eco-friendly EV technology.  A Tesla electric vehicle may be one of the most expensive cars in the market, but this has not held back its success in any way. One big reason for this is that Tesla electric cars …

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How Many Amp Hours is a Tesla Electric Car’s Battery?

How many Amp hours is a Tesla electric car battery

Tesla may not be the pioneer of electric vehicle technology; however, it is the only EV brand that has managed to make a permanent impact on the global automobile industry. Apart from its futuristic design and unique features, a Tesla electric car is best known for its incredible battery capacity and unmatchable range. The high …

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Electric Car Emissions – Are All Electric Cars The Same?

EV emissions

Global warming and high carbon footprints are massive environmental concerns worldwide. They’re also the important reasons why electric cars rose to fame – because of their contribution towards sustainability by reducing greenhouse emissions. If you own an EV or plan on buying one soon, there are high chances that you’re doing so for such reasons- …

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How to Get a Tesla for Cheap

Tesla car for cheap

There is nothing quite as expensive as a brand new Tesla. These EVs are pushing the envelope in terms of automotive innovation. The cars are surprisingly fast for running off just a battery. It also helps that they are easy on the eyes in terms of design. But is there a way to beat the …

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How to Become a Tesla Certified Body Shop

How to Become a Tesla Certified Body Shop

Tesla has made it slightly easier for auto body shops to get certified. However, the process is rife with numerous challenges, including the availability of information. A key advantage of becoming certified is the support body shops get from Tesla. The automotive maker provides many powerful resources to their body shops once certified. However, the …

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