Best Electric Cars for Uber in the USA

Best Electric Cars for Uber in the USA

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular as the world moves towards more sustainable transportation methods. With the rise of ridesharing services such as Uber, the need for fuel-efficient, low-emission vehicles is higher than ever. As an Uber driver, you want to be as efficient as possible to make the most money possible. And what’s more … Read more >>

How to Improve an Electric Car’s Range? [Useful Tips]

How to Improve an Electric Car's Range

In the post-pandemic world we find ourselves in, owning an electric car is a luxury like no other. While global fossil fuel prices continue to reach an all-time time, electricity prices are relatively more stable. However, despite the significantly lower running costs, not everyone wants to invest in an electric car. Most people doubt the … Read more >>

How Do Electric Cars Benefit Large Cities?

How Do Electric Cars Benefit Large Cities

If you have the latest mobile phone and are keeping up with all the latest technological trends and innovations, there is no reason to still drive a conventional fossil fuel-powered car. If you really want to run with the rest of the world and enjoy the real benefits of modern and futuristic automobile technology, you … Read more >>

Can You Drive an Electric Car Without a License?

drive an electric car without a license

As technological advancements occur, electric cars have started to replace traditional cars in small towns and modern cities alike. In most states across the globe, it is not uncommon to find a charging station at different spots for electric cars. If you are considering investing in an electric car, the most important thing you need … Read more >>

Do All Electric Cars Stop Charging Once the Battery is Fully Charged?

Do All Electric Cars Stop Charging Once the Battery is Fully Charged

An electric car may seem a lot like a traditional combustion engine car; however, in reality, its mechanism and internal design are unique in just about every way you can imagine. Unlike a traditional car that depends on a functional combustion engine and motor to remain usable, an electric car’s heart is its lithium-ion battery. … Read more >>

Do Electric Cars Cause More Motion Sickness? [7 Ways to control]

electric cars cause more motion sickness

Electric cars are hard not to like – they promise fewer car accidents, better fuel consumption, and great driving. The only thing that is hard to get in tune with is feeling car sick and possibly throwing up in your car seat. A good coping mechanism for sensitive individuals is keeping yourself distracted and looking … Read more >>

What are the Best Electric Car Stocks to Buy

Electric car stocks to buy

The electric car sector comprises businesses that sell cars, batteries, and charging infrastructure. It includes companies with the biggest market capitalizations, such as Tesla, NIO, and Rivian. Governments from around the world have outlined plans to phase out gasoline-powered cars. So it’s no surprise that EV stocks enjoyed huge gains in 2022. R&D spending is … Read more >>

What Companies Benefit from Electric Cars?

Companies that benefit from electric vehicles

The proliferation of electric cars will benefit a large number of industries. This includes battery, utility, logistics, and charging network operators. Some of the biggest beneficiaries of the EV industry are ChargePoint Holdings and SunPower. In the coming years, their stocks will surge in price as the EV industry grows. This in-depth guide will analyze … Read more >>

Can You Charge an Electric Car with a Generator?

Can You Charge an Electric Car with a Generator

Owning an electric car during the current times of high fossil fuel prices is a luxury like no other. You can travel around town, visit a new city, or go on a relaxing drive without worrying about high running costs. However, you need to be attentive and well-aware of the state of your electric car’s … Read more >>

Can You Drive An Electric Car With an Automatic License?

can you drive an electric car on an automatic license

Getting a driving license is mandatory around the world. If you want to take your vehicle on the road, you must have a valid driver’s license to avoid legal action. There are different licenses for unique types of vehicles. You may get a manual license to drive a manual car. Similarly, an automatic license can … Read more >>